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            Xiangyang TTE Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and operation of lightningproof electrical products. The headquarters of the company is located in Xiangyang city, a famous city of central China. Since its foundation in 2004, our unremitting endeavor enables our brand to be famous home and abroad at present, and we have been growing healthily and rapidly. 

            We are one of the leading manufacturers of metal oxide surge arrester and varistor in China. Metal oxide surge arrester is our main product. The difference from other majority of manufacturers of surge arrester is that we produce varistors by our own, which means we have quality control ability for the entire process of surge arrester. Now the highest level of surge arrester we can provide is 216kV and the maximum diameter of varistor we can provide is 138mm. Both the products of surge arrester and varistor have passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification.

            Metal oxide varistor is the most important component of surge arrester, and we are honored to supply varistors to hundreds of customers home and abroad. Varistors with the trademark "TTE" being chosen to use means producing surge arrester of excellent quality becomes possible.

            Our production base is of more than 20,000 square meters. Due to our great attention paid on environmental protection and greening construction, our production base is praised by local residents. Advanced and high-efficient production equipments as well as sophisticated technology are applied by us firstly, including 250T large vulcanizing machine, 10000cc rubber injection machine, 220kV AC/DC voltage generator, partial discharge test system, impulse current generator of dual-channel, spray granulation tower of Japanese advanced technology, China’s first horizontal double-faced grinding machine, large tunnel kilns of double onward push, automated aluminum spraying equipment, aging test equipment for varistor and so on.

            We produce under extremely strict quality management to meet diversified needs of the customers. We apply IEC60099-4 standard and GB11032-2010 standard at the same time. The customer’s particular quality requirements can often been met as well. We have complete test reports and other necessary certificates of our products for marketing. No matter for the products sold in domestic market or exported abroad, their test reports are issued by the most authoritative testing setup in China. All of the advanced technology, strong production capacity, outstanding product quality, perfect product system and thoughtful after-sales service are the fundamentals for us to obtain the customer’s trust.

            We have never relaxed the research and development on technology, and never changed the point of specializing in lightning protection products. Making greater contribution to the development of lightning protection industry and the progress of lightning protection technology has always been our ideal.